PlayStation Plus Free Games September 2016: Better Instant Game Collection Lineup As Sony Increases PS Plus Subscription Price?

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PlayStation Plus Free Games

Before the month ends, Sony will reveal its PlayStation Plus free games for September 2016. Now that Sony has increased the PS Plus subscription charges, the company will likely offer better games than before. With the new subscription fee, players will certainly demand better games from the company. After the latest price change, Sony is now charging the same subscription fee as its rival Microsoft.

The change in price is certainly a disturbing move by Sony which has disappointed many fans. The company will now charge US$59.99 for the annual PS Plus subscription and US$24.99 for three months. Some players expect that the effect of this change will be reflected in the quality of games in the Instant Game Collection. As the company is about to release the list of PlayStation Plus free games for September 2016, fans suggest that better games are coming.

There are already some games that have been rumoured for the PS Plus lineup of free games, but the company has been silent on the leaks and rumors.

People have always compared Microsoft?s Games With Gold and Sony?s PlayStation Plus free games. Now that both companies are charging the same amount for their monthly free games subscription service, people will certainly crave better quality.

However, Sony is not increasing the price immediately. The company has confirmed that the price change will take effect from September 22. Those who will buy or renew their subscription before the said date will get the service at the current price throughout their validity period.

There are many games Sony has not given yet to PS Plus subscribers. Some of these include original versions of the games which are getting a sequel release this year and beyond. Fans expect that the increase of US$10 in the PS Plus subscription will improve the quality of the games coming in the next months.

Sony has not revealed anything regarding the changes in their policy for the subscription. The company has also not shared any detail regarding the upcoming PlayStation Plus free games.

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