PlayStation Plus Free Games Predictions For September 2016: Watch Dogs, Killzone Plus Other Possible Games

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PlayStation Plus

Even though it?s only the middle of August, fans have been speculating about possible Playstation Plus free games for September 2016. Probably due to the major disappointment that they had just recently – with the August line up – gamers are asking for more.

Normally for Sony, their line up consist of two games for PS4, one for PS3, one for PS Vita, and possibly a cross-buy. These are what players were expecting. However, for the last two months, subscribers to Sony?s Playstation Plus were all left disappointed. This is mainly due to the fact that instead of AAA games, Sony has been replacing them with Indie games especially for the PS4.

Last month?s line up has left gamers clamouring for more AAA games to be included in Sony?s line up for next month. ?Among them are Killzone and Watch Dogs for PS4. Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, Axiom Verge, and Daxter for PS Vita. And finally, Driver: San Francisco for the PS3.

Most gamers would probably prefer Watch Dogs since Ubisoft is rumored to release a sequel for the game in the middle of November this year. Offering the game will definitely stir up more interests to would-be fans to buy the sequel if they were given a chance to play the original game.

PlayStation Plus September

PlayStation Plus September

As for the PS Vita, there is a strong likelihood that Sony will be offering Batman 3: Beyond Gotham as Lego will be premiering a new Lego Batman movie soon. On top of that, this game is also a very good all-round platformer.

Finally, Drive. Now this game is a bit peculiar. Basically, your character is some guy, who is an induced coma, somehow managed to let his consciousness out of his body. He then proceeded on ?possessing? cars and drive around the streets of San Francisco. It might sound crazy but this game is good fun.

Playstation Plus is a rather cheap way of getting games for your console. However, it does not mean that the game offerings need to be sub-par as well. Gamers opting to subscribe to this kind of service actually expect to be given top-notch games for what they pay for.

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