Playstation Plus Free Games Prediction For September 2016

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With barely two weeks to wait, gamers are now anticipating the September 2016 Playstation Plus free games line-up. After last month?s disappointment, for which Sony apologized, gamers will be expecting more AAA titles.

According to Sony playstation blog:

?We are aware that this title has previously been made available as part of the service in 2012 and had not intended to offer it again. We have now looked into and addressed this issue to ensure that it does not happen in the future.?

Sony also set the record straight by adding another game to the August 2016 free game roster. Sony made Tom Clancy?s End War for PS3 available for download too.

So far for next month, Watchdogs for PS4 by Ubisoft is still on the top of the list. This is due to the fact that Ubisoft is set to release a sequel some time in November. This will give would-be buyers a chance to try the game before they decide on getting the sequel.

Another big name, this time for the PS Vita, is Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.

PS Plus Free Games

However, in light of recent events, a new game title has started to circulate within the gaming community. According to Sony, they will be offering The Tomorrow Children next month as an early access Founders Pack. The Founders Pack includes PSN Avatars, special costumes, level one arms and tools licenses, Eagle Corp. Jetpack, and 1000 Freeman Dollars.

The game is set in an alternate Cold War timeline where mankind is on the verge of extinction. Players must cooperate with each other to build their towns and defend them from monster invaders.

The Tomorrow Children is made by indie studio Q-Games. Q-Games is the same studio responsible for the PixelJunk series.

It seems that Sony is indeed trying to make up for the August 2016 fiasco. This is good news to PSN subscribers as they finally get their money?s worth. Gamers would only need to wait a little over two weeks before they can get a glimpse of the new line up.

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