PlayStation Plus Free Games For October: Gravity Rush Remastered Confirmed For US And Europe?

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PlayStation Plus Free Games For October

Just yesterday, Gravity Rush Remastered was released as a PlayStation Plus free game for September for the Asian and Japanese PS Plus subscribers. This could be Sony?s move to promote Gravity Rush 2 which is going to be released this coming December. Western fans may also be expecting Gravity Rush Remastered as part of PlayStation Plus free games for October. Here?s what we know so far.

Gravity Rush Remastered for Asia PS Plus

Currently, Gravity Rush Remastered is free to download for Asian and Japanese PlayStation Plus subscribers until October 5. Use your Asian accounts to snag this free deal. The download size is around 9GB large, but it could be played at around 2GB. It?s possible that these files are either remastered assets or the game?s DLCs.

Those interested to grab an Asian PS Plus subscription?just for the remaster will be in a treat as they have titles in the Instant Game Collection that hasn’t been found?its way?in the west. New titles?with English language included in their PS Plus lineup for September include Senran Kagura Shinovi (PS Vita), From Dust (PS3), and Datura (PS3).

Western Fans Want The Rush

As seen on teffhk?s thread on the PS4 Reddit, some Western fans want to experience the free Gravity Rush Remastered too. Fans are actually worried about Gravity Rush 2?s release date as it is sandwiched by the launch of larger games like Final Fantasy 15, Persona 5, Battlefield 1, The Last Guardian, and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Gravity Rush has always been a niche series that has quality gameplay. However, it hasn?t attracted a lot of players so far. Releasing it as part of the PlayStation Plus free games for October may help the game be a little more visible and attract new players before Gravity Rush 2 releases.

Gravity Rush 2?s release

If Gravity Rush Remastered becomes a part of the PlayStation Plus free games for October for Westerners, the Gravity Rush 2 release may be more successful. Fans and new players may have enough time to explore the original title in October and even November before the December release date of the sequel. At best, players may be more familiar with Gravity Rush?s gameplay which could encourage them to buy the sequel.

For now, Western players can only wait for Sony to release Gravity Rush Remastered for free this month or in October. Stay updated with more PlayStation Plus free games news here on TheBitBag.

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