PlayStation Plus Free Games June 2017 Lineup Might Include Fighting Games

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PlayStation Plus Free Games
Source: God of War: Ascension Launch Trailer video

As of now, Sony has yet to reveal the PlayStation Plus free games June 2017 lineup. E3 2017 is right up the corner which could mean extra free games to celebrate the event. Here are our best bets for the PlayStation Plus free games this June.

Fighting Games

Earlier this month, NetherRealms Studios’ Injustice 2 was released. In this game, DC Comics superheroes and villains fight it out to save the Earth and eventually decide the course of mankind. However, the first Injustice Gods Among Us fighting game has already been a PS Plus free game last December 2015. Sony avoids repeating video games in the monthly lineup. NetherRealm Studios and Sony might give us Mortal Kombat X instead of the original Injustice entry.

Arc System Works will also release Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 in North America this May 26. We might get the base Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator as a free game. However, this PS Plus version might not be compatible with the Revelator upgrade to Rev 2. With 2017 being the year of fighting games, PlayStation Plus free games June 2017 lineup has a strong chance to get free fighting titles such as these.

E3 2017 Picks

One of the biggest video game expo this year, E3, is scheduled to start on June 13. New games might be revealed during the event. Potentially, we may get free games that are related to the new titles in the upcoming event.

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is expected to appear in this event after providing vague gameplay details despite making an appearance at E3 2016, The Game Awards, and PlayStation Experience 2016. We may get Metal Gear entries as a free game if Konami and Sony agree on it. Other Sony titles that could be a free game could be The Last of Us and God of War Ascension. The Last of Us 2 and the new God of War set in Norse mythology have yet to be talked about after their reveals and could serve as a refresher for its fans.

Lastly, E3 2017 is a special event which could encourage Sony to add another free game. Sony gave away an additional free game to subscribers in Asia to celebrate Taipei Game Show 2016. The same happened during Tokyo Game Show 2016. Known games given away include Tales of Zestiria and Gravity Rush Remastered. Sony might release these two games in the PS Plus service in the West since both titles have yet to be released for free outside Asia.

Scheduled Announcement

The next PlayStation Plus free games lineup is expected to be announced next week. The online service has been out for years that fans already know its release patterns. For now, we’ll just have to wait until the week ends to see the PlayStation Plus Free Games June 2017 lineup. For now, the official Playstation Facebook page and Twitter hasn’t announced any free titles yet.

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