PlayStation Plus Free Games June 2016 Live! Evil Within Coming Out On July?

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PlayStation Plus Free Games

June is a great month for gaming enthusiasts. Those who have been waiting for the PlayStation Plus free games for June 2016 can now download the titles on their respective consoles. Meanwhile, subscribers in Japan got a sweet AAA game that hasn?t been made available yet in other regions. Will this game possibly get included for North America and Europe subscribers next month?

This month’s free games include Gone Home and NBA 2K16 for PS4, Echochrome and Siren Blood Curse for PS3, and Little Deviants and God of War: Chains of Olympus for PS Vita. The games can be downloaded today on the PlayStation Store.

Meanwhile, aside from NBA 2K16, those in Japan got a different lineup for their PlayStation Plus free games June 2016 lineup. As seen in the Japan PlayStation Blog, the most notable title included in Japan is The Evil Within. Fans hoping to have a great survival horror experience now have hope that Sony makes the title become available as a free title in the future. Don?t get your hopes too high though because Sony made Killzone Shadowfall a free title for subscribers in Japan way back in December 2014 but we?ve yet to see in come out in other regions.

On a Reddit thread, a user pointed out that the Evil Within became a free title in Japan. In response to this, fans started speculating on the PS Plus games for July in other regions. On the same page, a user revealed that the game has English support. Japan is not getting Gone Home, and will instead get their hands on The Evil Within. (Read the review here).

Sony hasn?t confirmed anything related to the PlayStation Plus free games for July. Specifically, the company has not said anything about the arrival of Evil Within as part of the PS Plus program for Europe and North America.

Several reports claim that Sony might reveal the Evil Within sequel at E3 2016. If the speculations reported by Eurogamer turn out to be true and Bethesda does reveal Evil Within 2 at E3, it is possible that Sony will add the game?s predecessor to the PS Plus free games library soon in order to spread more awareness about the game. Even if the original game doesn?t arrive in July in the PS Plus lineup, the company may bring it some other time to boost the hype, if ever a sequel gets confirmed at E3 2016.

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