PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2017 Lineup Has Seven Free Games

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playstation plus free games july 2017
That’s You will be one of July’s PS Plus free games. [Image from PlayStation YouTube channel]

After a solid June selection, fans are looking forward to the PlayStation Plus free games July 2017 lineup. Interest really picked up when Sony announced That’s You, a new PlayLink game, would be one of the free games. Fans wondered if the game would take a July slot, but it turns out that it’s in addition to the usual lineup.

PlayStation Plus subscribers usually get six games, so it looks like they will be getting seven this July. It’s somewhat fitting, since July is the seventh month of the year, which is a funny coincidence unless it’s intentional. Game Reactor confirmed the news with a Sony representative, and we will be seeing the game on July 4.

Plus Plus

Having an additional title aside from the usual bunch is great, making the PlayStation Plus free games July 2017 lineup an anticipated one. It will be interesting to see if That’s You fulfills its goal as a fun party game for the PS4. There aren’t enough casual party games for the console, so this could be a good start for the PlayLink launch.

Making it a free game for PS Plus owners was a smart move, since fans might have been hesitant about paying for it. Granted, those that aren’t PS Plus owners will have to buy it, but they can at least hear impressions from those that try it. Sony is hoping this title does well to boost interest in PlayLink, so the fact that it’s a free game for PS Plus subscribers is interesting.

Too Much Partying?

Casual party games often tend to fade out of memory quickly, so consistent support for the PlayLink lineup is needed. Sony seems to be aware of this, since the company has a ton of PlayStation VR games coming soon. The PlayLink might not be an additional piece of hardware like the VR, but they have to prove that the lineup isn’t a fad.

That’s You is an interesting addition to the PlayStation Plus free games 2017 lineup, but fans will likely be more interested in what other titles are part of it. Microsoft has proven to be the superior company when it comes to subscription games, so Sony will need to step it up. Adding a nice, but popular game like Life is Strange was a good start, so more needs to be done.

PS Plus subscribers can check out That’s You on July 4. In the meantime, they can download the June 2017 lineup right now.

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