PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2017: Sony Gives Narrative-Driven Games For Three Consecutive Months

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Expect to see this character a lot while only wearing a towel.

After giving out Tales from the Borderlands last May and Life is Strange back June, Sony is going all out with story-driven games up till next month’s free games offering for PlayStation Plus.  The PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2017 lineup has been revealed already and those who are a fan of story-driven games have a lot to be excited for.

Until Dawn

One of the PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2017 offering is the PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn. The positively received horror title takes story-telling to a new level with a neat butterfly effect mechanic that gives players several branching paths and outcomes to witness. If players want to see all the game has to offer, they’ll have to play the game multiple times.

The game’s cast is starred by a few familiar names. Some of the most familiar names in the lineup includes Hayden Panettiere from Heroes and Rami Malek from Mr. Robot.

Game Of Thrones

The other story-driven title is Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones. The six episode Telltale Game tells an untold story set in the Song of Fire Ice and Fire universe. More specifically, the story is concurrent with the TV series and takes place at the end of the 3rd season of the show and ends shortly before the start of the 5th season.

The game was well received and Telltale Games has since been working on a 2nd season for the game. No release date has been set for the 2nd season but if players want to get in on the game when the next installment comes, now’s the best time to play the first game.

Other Free Games

Aside from these two titles, the other PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2017 include That’s You for the PlayStation 4, Tokyo Jungle and Darkstalkers Resurrection for the PlayStation 3 and finally, Don’t Die Mr. Robot and Elemet4l for the Vita.

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