PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2016: PS4, PS3, And PS Vita Titles Sony Should Hand Out

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It?s fun getting a selection of free titles each month when subscribing to PlayStation Plus. Guessing which games will come next month is also enjoyable. The library of PlayStation titles is huge, and Sony could easily pick one or two titles each month. However, there are some games that we just want to get our hands for free. Here are a few games that Sony should include in the PlayStation Plus Free Games next month.

PlayStation 4

With E3 behind us and the Resident Evil 7 demo out in the PlayStation Store, fans are more than eager to get their horror fix. It?s rumored that Evil Within will be one of the titles next month. That would suffice as a good horror game, but why not Resident Evil 6?

As for the other title, Everybody?s Gone To The Rapture was an excellent narrative story. Sony should release a game with a deep narrative for PlayStation Plus Free Games next month like Heavy Rain, Beyond Two Souls and Life Is Strange.

PlayStation 3

It?s high time Sony gives love to PlayStation 3 owners. Since its reveal, gamers have become more than excited for the upcoming Days Gone. No release date has been pegged yet, but fans could make do with The Last Of Us.

Another title worth handing out for free is Bethesda?s Dishonored. Releasing it as a free title would also help some players catch up on the game before Dishonored 2 launches.

PlayStation Vita

There?s no doubt that Sony is losing the handheld battle to the Nintendo 3DS. It?s nearly impossible for the Vita to catch up, but that doesn?t mean that there are no good titles in the Vita. Titles like Persona 4 and Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster are some of the best the Vita has to offer, so Sony should at least let fans remember that these titles exist on their handhelds.

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