PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2016: Rumored Titles Next Month

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PlayStation Plus Free Games

We?re at the second half of the month, and in just a few more weeks,Sony will reveal their free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers. Guessing what the next games are is as exciting as actually getting the game, and that?s why some fans have begun listing their own predictions. Here are some titles fans may see as PlayStation Plus free games in July.

PlayStation 4

Last month?s PlayStation Plus free games took players by surprise as Sony actually offered a AAA title by giving NBA 2K16 for free. This means that we can expect more than just indies from Sony from now on. Recent rumors point out that the action-horror Evil Within is coming free next month. The rumors aren?t entirely baseless and far off as the game has been given out for free in Japan.

It won?t be surprising if Evil Within becomes free next month. If not, it?s also likely that Sony might give out the remastered version of Resident Evil 6 for free, riding the hype of Resident Evil 7 at E3. This won?t be a surprise as well because Sony has a history of giving recently released games for free like the PS4 version of Zombi.

As for the other PS4 offering, Sony might give an indie in the likes of Gone Home, preferably Everybody?s Gone To The Rapture.

PlayStation 3 And PlayStation Vita

Since the possible PlayStation 4 offerings are good, it?s likely that Sony might dial it down when it comes to the PlayStation Plus free games for the PlayStation 3 and Vita.

Indies are of course expected to be free on the Vita, and when it comes to the PlayStation 3, players can expect old but gold titles like the original Homefront, Resistance 3, and maybe even the original version of Resident Evil 6.

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