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PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2016: Why We Might Get AAA Games Next Month

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Playstation Plus Free Games

You don?t need to be an expert to know that the PlayStation Plus Free Games offering has been on a bit of a cold streak lately. Sony continues to buff up the service?s roster of free titles with several noteworthy games from smaller developers and the occasional heavy hitter. This month?s offering of the acclaimed indie Gone Home and NBA 2K16 is a prime example. However, it?s been quite some time since a bonafide AAA title has found its way onto PS Plus? Instant Game Collection.

Playstation Plus Free Games July 2016

Fans are hoping that July 2016 is when the drought ends when it comes to AAA titles being included in the PlayStation Plus Free Games, and there are some good reasons to believe it may happen. Many are pointing to PS Plus Japan scoring The Evil Within this month as a solid indication that North America and Europe may soon follow suit.

Sony?s strong showing at E3 could also be positive for PlayStation Plus. The company unveiled several exciting sequels to hit franchises like God of War and Resident Evil. Sony could look to capitalize on the serious buzz around these games by making some of the older titles in these respective franchises free on the service.?God of War III Remastered or Resident Evil 6 perhaps?

Other aging titles with sequels already released or on the way like Watch Dogs, Dishonored, and Homefront have also been suggested to be included in the PlayStation Plus Free Games?list as well.

What do you think Sony will do? Will they try to capitalize on the E3 press with an exciting lineup of free PlayStation Plus games this July? Or will it be business as usual?

Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments below and be sure to stay tuned to the BitBag for the latest PlayStation Plus news and updates.

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