PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2016: ‘Leaked’ Titles Sony Hasn’t Given Away Yet

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PlayStation Plus Free Games

There have been a couple of allegedly ?leaked? PlayStation Plus free games in the previous months, but they were never given out by Sony. Will we see some of these games in the PlayStation Plus free games July 2016 offering?

The games that were allegedly leaked a couple of months ago are Assassin?s Creed: Black Flag, Watch Dogs and Tetris Ultimate. These three titles had promising leaks and all of these have already been available in the market for more than a year. It?s highly likely Sony might give them away anytime soon.

Ubisoft?s Assassin?s Creed: Black Flag has been rumored to be included in PS Plus lineup for October 2015. Earlier, we reported that gamers were able to spot the title on the PS Store, unfortunately, the leaked details didn?t turn out to be true. Gamers were able to take a screenshot showing the game labeled with a free PS Plus listing, but this was later removed from the store.

Meanwhile, in May 2015, a Reddit leak showed Ubisoft?s games making their way to the instant game collection library. The leak suggests that the games were scheduled to be added in the month of May, but it didn?t happen, and both titles have yet to be given away to subscribers.

The sequel to the original Watch Dogs is already slated for November 2016, and the company can given away the original game to boost hype for the sequel.

Rumors have been circulating about the potential list of games, but Sony has not revealed any official details yet. Sony usually announces their PlayStation Plus free games lineup before the month ends so keep checking to see if there are any updates. Meanwhile, PS4 players can enjoy the PS Plus open weekend where non-PS Plus members can play their favorite multiplayer games online for free.

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