PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2016: Kill Strain Is Not Included In The List

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PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2016

Despite hot reports about Kill Strain being part of the PlayStation Plus free games?this month, it?s not actually part of the lineup this July 2016. Kill Strain is actually a free-to-play title on Playstation 4, and Playstation Plus users are only given a one-week early access advantage because the game will be free even for non-subscribers. Rest assured, Kill Strain is not an exclusive title for Playstation Plus users.

According to the US Playstation blog, Kill Strain is actually a free-to-play title that will be released on July 19. Playstation Plus subscribers can start playing Kill Strain earlier on July 12, and this game will not be limited to PS Plus subscribers.

According to the Community Manager of San Diego Studio Zach Thomas, the game will be playable even to those who aren?t subscribed to PlayStation Plus. ?The game is free to play without PS+, and online only PvP. It was just a good opportunity for the PS+ users to get that extra week,? Thomas said.

The game is an asymmetric multi-team, team-based shooter where two Human teams battle it out to destroy each other?s bases. Meanwhile, a neutral Mutant team wins if every Human player is turned into a Mutant or successfully destroys the Human?s base. The game?s competitive design focuses on chaotic clashes and situations where either team could work on eliminating a common threat before aiming to win.

With Kill Strain being a free-to-play title, no one knows yet what the six PlayStation Plus Free games for July 2016 are. If Sony?s lineup for July ends up being terrible, gamers will be able to enjoy Kill Strain instead, if they find it to be a decent game.

Multiplayer free-to-play games on the consoles are rare as most of them will have to continuously earn money to stay afloat via microtransactions for in-game cosmetics and boosts. If only armed with an Internet connection, Kill Strain might be a good pick if there aren?t any physical and digital copies of other games around.

Sony has yet to confirm the July 2016 PlayStation Plus Free Games. However, The Evil Within is continuously rumored to be part of the list, along with Watch Dogs and Assassin?s Creed Black Flag.

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