PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2016: When To Expect Sony’s Free PS4, PS3, And PS Vita Titles

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PlayStation Plus Free Games

Other than giving you access to online multiplayer games and providing extra discounts for online purchases, the PlayStation Plus subscription also gives out free games that its subscribers can keep forever as long as they remained subscribed. Sony announces monthly lineups of PlayStation Plus Free Games often near the end of the month. Here?s what to expect in the upcoming set of announcements this July 2016.

Based from the official US Playstation Blog?s PlayStation Plus Free Games announcements, most of the updates on the next month?s lineup come out on the last week of the month. Sony?s announcements last January, February, March, April, May and June this year were announced in the month?s last days. If Sony still follows the same pattern of releases, we might have the PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2016 announcement later today until June 30.

Sony usually makes their free games available for download on the first Tuesday of the month, so subscribers can expect to see the new lineup on the PlayStation Store on July 5. Make sure you download last month?s free titles as they can no longer be downloaded for free once the next batch of free games arrive.

Currently, Sony hasn?t teased any of the upcoming free games this July for the Playstation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita. However, rumors say that Bethesda and Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami?s The Evil Within may be part of the PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2016 lineup. Ubisoft?s Assassin?s Creed IV: The Black Flag is also rumored to be one of the free games next month. Due to being a free-to-play title, Kill Strain should not included as part of the PlayStation Plus Free Games?despite being confirmed for its July release on PSN. However, we?ll have to wait for Sony?s official announcement if these games will be given out for free for the yearly subscription.

Normally, Playstation Plus is viewed as a paywall for accessing the multiplayer modes of Sony?s current console, PlayStation 4. Without this subscription system, players will be denied of some multiplayer modes and will be limited only to single-player games of the console.

However, the free game giveaway of the subscription each month gives players a bargain out of this subscription. Usually, Sony gives out indie titles for the PlayStation Plus Free Games lineups, but sometimes it gives out old AAA games which could either be from a known developer or considered a classic of the console. The subscribers may appreciate this system as it allows them to revisit old series.

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