PlayStation Plus Free Games July 2016: The Banner Saga 2 Also Included?

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PlayStation Plus Free Games

Recently, Stoic Studio?s Banner Saga 2 has been confirmed to arrive for the Playstation 4 on July 5. The game will be released on Tuesday, when most PlayStation Plus Free Games will be unveiled. Will Banner Saga 2 be a PS Plus free game title?

As posted by The Banner Saga 2?s publisher on the official US PlayStation Blog, the game is confirmed for release next Tuesday on the Playstation 4. Stoic Studio?s game is a tactical turn-based grid strategy title similar to the Disgaea series but with a Viking Age setting. Similar to Microsoft?s Xbox Games with Gold lineup for July 2016, its possible that this game might also be free for Sony?s subscribers to help introduce more players to the series.

The Banner Saga is a niche strategy heavy series that is fairly popular in role playing games with strategic turn-based and tactical positioning battles. Publisher Versus Evil also confirmed that The Banner Saga 3 is under development and will follow this recent addition to the series.

The publisher said fans who barely know the first Banner Saga entry can carry on and still enjoy The Banner Saga 2. The Stoic Studio representatives even confirmed that a bundle with both games will also be included on the game?s release. It?s possible that this will be a bundle for non-subscribers, as PlayStation Plus Free Games are eternally accessible for subscribers once they have already downloaded the game.

Besides the bundle, buying the PS4 version will also grant you the ?Playful Hilt of Arnr? equipment and grant you a +3 all talent rank and 20 percent double strength damage. Any bonus in the early parts of the game will help you traverse through levels and reach the late game content faster.

In Playstation 4?s history, Sony has given out Rocket League for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. The game suddenly boosted in popularity after being given away by Sony might do this as well for The Banner Saga. While the concept of RC Car and football looks silly, Rocket League is actually an intricate game with high-level tricks that can only be accomplished with a competent command of the game?s controls. Due to The Banner Saga 2?s focus on strategic warfare, it?s possible that this game will bring out a similar niche quality of Rocket League.

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