Playstation Plus Free Games December 2016: More AAA Titles Wanted

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Playstation Plus Free Games December 2016

There are only 10 more days left for November and before long, gamers will get a taste of what is to come. More and more AAA games are being speculated to come forth in the Playstation Plus free games December 2016 lineup. Is this a sign for gamers to celebrate this holiday season?

Among the list of rumored games coming to the Playstation Plus are AAA titles that gamers have been wanting for a long time. Hopefully, this time around, gamers will really get the chance to play them for free.

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On top of the list is Watch Dogs. Although this could be a long shot, many still believe that there is a chance Sony will include it next month. Perhaps one of the reasons why is the success of its sequel that was released this month.

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs

Last September, Playstation Plus members from Asia got a taste of Gravity Rush 2 when Sony included it in the lineup. Although it was just a demo, the game garnered more interest than ever. Because of this, many gamers are now expecting Sony to release Gravity Rush: Remastered in the Playstation Plus free games December 2016 list.

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Another big name that is gaining popularity is Titanfall 2. Although the alpha test was plagued with complaints, gamers rallied back and welcomed the game with open arms. Hopefully, Sony will listen and allow gamers to enjoy the first installment for free.

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall

Asian Playstation Plus subscribers also got Saints Row 4: Re-elected as part of the Playstation Plus free games for September. Now, subscribers from North America, Canada and even Europe, are asking for the game to come next month.

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Other titles in the predictions list include Wolfenstein: New Order, N++, and Tearaway Unfolded. However, there is this one game that subscribers have been asking for the longest time and that is Knack. The game was released by Sony back in 2013 and for the last three months, predictions for the game have been circulating across the internet.

Whether or not these games make it to next month?s list, gamers will soon find out.

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