PlayStation Plus Free Games December 2016 Leaked? Invisible Inc And Stories The Path Of Destinies Appear On PSN

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PlayStation Plus Free Games

The leaked lineup of PlayStation Plus free games for December 2016 suggests that Invisible Inc and Stories The Path of Destinies are coming next month. A fan claims that these two games were leaked on the PSN store they?will be available in the PS Plus free games library in December. Though Sony has not announced the games, the Redditor has shared screenshots of the webpage to support his claims.

PlayStation Plus Free Games

If the leaked details are something to go by, it seems that the PlayStation Plus free games for December 2016 will be a little disappointing for many fans. On a Reddit thread, fans say that if the leak is real and Sony is bringing the abovementioned titles, the holiday month is going to be very disappointing for all the PS Plus subscribers as these aren’t the games they were expecting.

Though the listing suggests that Stories The Path of Destinies and Invisible Inc are coming next month, the leaked image has ?November? written on it, which is suspicious. Some fans say that it is because the text on the website is static while the images were changing due to slider effects. As Sony has not confirmed it, nothing is official. If these games arrive next month, here?s what you should know about these possible?PlayStation Plus free games for December 2016.

Invisible Inc

If you love X-Com-like gameplay with stealth and a roguelike experience, you might want to play Invisible Inc. The players takes charge of agents who are under attack and directs them to the final mission. Even if the game doesn?t arrive with PS Plus free games December 2016 list, you can get it from stores at a huge discount.

Stories: The Path of Destinies

This Action RPG by Spearhead Games lets players control an anthropomorphic fox called Reynardo. Players direct the fox, and by using attack combos, players defeat enemies and gain experience that helps them unlock new levels. The game also features the ability to craft weapons.

Sony usually announces PlayStation Plus free games lineup by the end of the month, so for the PS Plus December 2016 free games, we won?t have to wait long.

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