PlayStation Plus Free Games August 2016: New Title Accidentally Leaked In PlayStation Store?

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As fans ponder about next month’s PlayStation Plus free games, it seems like some have discovered one of the titles for PS Plus users. If it ends up being true, it looks like PS3 fans are in for a steal, as they might end up getting the Devil May Cry HD Collection as one of the free games.

One user on Reddit was browsing through the PlayStation Store and discovered that the Devil May Cry Collection had the PS Plus symbol and was listed as free for subscribers. When the person clicked the free listing, he was sent to a link with the game not being available for free. However, it seems like Sony is preparing this title for PlayStation Plus users, and it is doubtful that any of them will complain about the three games, especially since the demand for a fifth game is still high.

Featuring the first three games that originally came out on the PS2, the Devil May Cry Collection pleased plenty of Capcom fans, especially when the DMC reboot was revealed. Two of the three games were critically acclaimed when they came out on the PS2, and their stylized visuals, along with the brutal combat, has made these Devil May Cry titles fan favorites and would be great as PlayStation Plus free games.

The first game and the third game were well-received, while the second one was considered mediocre. While it kept Dante as a protagonist, it made him dull and unfunny. To make matters worse, the fights became incredibly easy to plow through, which the third game fixed by becoming difficult once again.

The Devil May Cry Collection might be a PS Plus free game.

It isn’t the worst game ever made, but it showed that the reaction to the DMC: Devil May Cry reboot was a tad extreme. That game might have rebooted the canon, but it did have stunning level design and challenging combat. It was even re-released for current-gen consoles with all of the DLC in the disc.

Will the first three Devil May Cry games be included in the PlayStation Plus free games for August lineup? Only time will tell, though we will definitely find out next month. The Devil May Cry Collection can be purchased on the PS3 and Xbox 360. ?

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