PlayStation Plus Free Games August 2016: Exclusive Titles Sony Hasn’t Given Away Yet

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PlayStation Plus Free Games

Soon we?ll find the Internet full of PlayStation Plus August 2016 free games predictions. A new month is on its way, and players will be looking for new free games. Sony has already given some exclusive games for PS4, PS3 and PS Vita players in the past. This time if we narrow down the list of expected titles, there are some exclusive games Sony hasn?t given away yet which the company might include in the PlayStation Plus free games next month.

PlayStation 4

In the last few months, Sony successfully managed to keep the lineup of free games balanced. Next month, we want to see Bloodborne and Infamous Second Son for PS4 players. The company has already given away some of the PS4 exclusive titles in the past such as Resogun and Infamous: First Light, and it would be great if they add them to the PlayStation Plus free games library in August.

Bloodborne, an action RPG developed by FromSoftware, would be a great addition for PS4 players. The game has received 92 Metacritic score and is already a year-old title that Sony might want to give away next month.

On the other hand, Infamous Second Son is the kind of game fans have been demanding for so long. The game was launched in 2014, and two of the series? games have already been added to the PS Plus library. While the standalone expansion of the game has already been given away by Sony, having the main open world action adventure title will certainly please new subscribers.

PlayStation 3

On PlayStation 3, Sony delivered Fat Princess and Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood this month. Both games have a fair rating score, and players seem to be happy with their addition in PS Plus. Now that we are expecting a new Gran Turismo Sport game from Polyphony Digital, it would be a great treat for PS3 players if they get Gran Turismo 5 for free. At E3, Sony also introduced a new God of War game, so expecting God of War 3 for PS3 fans isn?t too far-fetched.

PS Vita

While Silent Hill: Book of Memories was criticized by many due to being devoid of scares, it still is a decent game to play on PS Vita. The game was launched in 2014, and the first game from the series has already been given away before. As the game is old enough, Sony might include it in the PlayStation Plus free games library. ?

Dead or Alive games have never been included in PS Plus library, but one of the titles from the franchise can be a good fit for PS Vita next month. Dead or Alive 5 Plus was released in 2013, and now is the good time to bring the game on the console. With a Metascore of 80 out of 100, the game is good enough to entertain martial arts fans throughout the month.

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