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PlayStation Plus Free Games August 2016: Another Sports Game Next Month like Microsoft’s Xbox Games With Gold Lineup?

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The month is halfway done, so gamers better make sure they have grabbed the free games being offered by PlayStation Plus exclusive for June 2016!

Could more sports titles be coming to Playstation Plus free games next month? August is generally a pretty dry season for sports. During this time, the NBA, NHL and NFL will still be in the midst of their off-season breaks. Across the pond in Europe, the major football leagues don?t start until midway through the month.

Playstation Plus Free Games Prediction

This window is the perfect time for publishers to dump last season?s game onto PS Plus to drum up excitement for the new installment. We saw it happen in June when NBA 2K16 made its way onto the platform. Xbox One owners will receive a similar treat in their latest Games with Gold for August with WWE 2K16. Given this information, let?s see what other sports titles could possibly appear as PlayStation Plus free games next month.

EA Sports titles are generally off-limits when it comes to these sorts of free giveaways. A quick glance at the history of the instant game collection shows zero installments of FIFA, Madden, or NBA Live. We don?t think this is going to change any time soon, so don?t hold your breath.

Sony?s console exclusive MLB the Show series is probably ineligible as well, given that the 2016-2017 baseball season is already underway. It would be unwise of them to eat into the sales of this year?s installment by giving away an older version for free.

Two major sports franchises remain: Pro Evolution Soccer and WWE 2K16. The former made an appearance on the IGC way back in May 2014 on the PlayStation 3. Given August?s proximity to the start of football season, it seems unlikely that Pro Evolution 2016 could make it. This makes the latter the likely pick for this August?s Playstation Plus offerings.

What do you think? Will Sony follow Microsoft?s lead and give away WWE 2K16 in this August?s PlayStation Plus free games?

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