Playstation Plus Europe To Stick With Same Membership Price

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PSPlus August Deals
PSPlus August Deals

Sony has just announced that effective next month, Playstation Plus membership prices will be adjusted. Fortunately, for the Playstation Plus Europe members, their subscription will remain unchanged, according to reports.

The latest news from Sony Playstation?s blog highlighted the changes to the PS Plus subscription cost. For US and Canada subscribers, yearly membership will now be $59.99 USD and $69.99 CAD, respectively. The three-month subscription will be $24.99 for US and $29.99 for Canada. Monthly subscription will remain at the current $9.99 for US and $11.99 for Canada.

Members with subscriptions expiring after Sept. 22 will be subjected to the new price changes. However, those renewing prior to that can buy themselves a bit more time before the changes take effect.

In this day and age, PS Plus subscriptions are necessary to play online multiplayer games. This was not the case six years ago. When PS Plus was first released back in 2010, it only existed as an option for free games, members-only discounts and cloud-based saves storage. Users are free to play online multiplayer games even without a subscription. However, that is not the case anymore. PS Plus membership is now an integral part of most, if not all, games available for the Playstation gaming consoles. Users are now obligated to obtain a membership. Otherwise, they will not be able to fully enjoy their beloved games and digital contents. It seems like most Playstation owners are in for a bit of rude awakening the next time they renew their membership.

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On the bright side, European PS Plus subscribers will still be able to enjoy the same membership price. According to an announcement from Playstation Plus Europe Community page, they guarantee that the price increase will not come to Europe and that the membership price remains the same. This is indeed a very good news for European PS Plus subscribers. This means they will still be able to enjoy their Playstation games without worrying about their next subscription.

Whether or not Sony Playstation Europe will be able to make this decision hold its ground for a foreseeable future , members?can only hope.

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