PlayStation Plus: How to Take Advantage of 25% Discount Before The Price Hike Next Month

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Sony has announced that they are going to increase their PlayStation Plus price next month. It will take on to effect on September 22. PlayStation fans can still buy 1-year membership for the same price until then. There is also 25% discount today.

This subscription is required in order to play online games. This will also provide the users, discounts on PlayStation Store. This may be the result of PS4?s dominance over the console sales. Sony has outsold its competing companies by millions when it comes to units sold.

It will now have the same price as Xbox Live Gold next month.

Groupon has posted a voucher code reducing the price to $37. The code is only usable for new users, but anyone can make a new account in order?to avail the said discount. Fans must also enter a new shipping address.

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There is also another voucher code that reduces the price for?as low as 30%. Existing Groupon users can use the code SAVE30 to avail the said discount. It reduces the old price to $35. This code may only work for a selected accounts. For the people who already has Groupon account, this is a worth a try.

These are physical cards and fans must?ve to wait for Groupon to send the PS membership to users, it usually takes 2 days. People from Puerto Rico, Alaska or Hawaii are not able to avail the said discount.

Take note, the increase of price for the PlayStation Plus Membership will be on September 22nd. For the fans who wish to renew their subscription, this is a good chance to buy it,?in a very low price before the price change takes on effect.

The PlayStation Plus discount deal is available for almost everyone living in U.S. However, Groupon doesn?t have an unlimited supply and may be out of stock very soon

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