Playstation By The Numbers

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Well here it is, straight from the horses mouth.? Compare this with NPD and and see who was the most accurate.?

PlayStation by the Numbers

November 2007

The PlayStation? platform is off to a great start this holiday season based on NPD November 2007 sales data:

Hardware Momentum (PS3, PS2 and PSP)

**For the month of November, PlayStation hardware unit sales reached more than 1.5 million units, an increase of 160% when compared to last month’s unit sales (October 2007).

**PlayStation total hardware revenue was $373 million in November, sales dollars increased by 170% compared to last month’s sales.

**For the month of November, PlayStation console sales reached 962K units.

**466K PLAYSTATION?3 (PS3?) hardware units were sold in November, a 285% increase over the previous month’s sales. PS3 had the biggest October to November sales increase of any hardware platform.

**PlayStation?2 (PS2) also experienced great momentum in November, hardware unit sales reached 496K, a 170% increase over last month’s sales.? Since its release in North America on Oct. 26, 2000, more than 120 million hardware units and more than a billion units of PlayStation 2 software have sold worldwide, making it the best-selling gaming platform ever released.

**According to the latest Nielsen data (April ? November 2007), PS2 is the most played videogame console averaging 42.2% usage minutes compared to 11.8% for Xbox 360 and 5.5% for Wii.

**PSP? (PlayStation?Portable) continues to experience strong sales momentum with new pricing and the availability of new entertainment packs.? In November, 567K PSP hardware units were sold, nearly a 100% increase over last month sales.

Software Momentum (PS3, PS2 and PSP)

**PlayStation total software revenue in November was $414 million, sales dollars increased by 128% compared to last month’s sales.

**In November, retail dollars from PS3 sales totaled $138 million, a 192% increase over last month’s sales.

**PlayStation had three software titles in the top ten list across all consoles: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for PS2 sold 966K units, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for PS3 sold 444K units and Assassin?s Creed for PS3 sold 377K units.

PLAYSTATION?Network Momentum

**Just one year after launch, there are more than 3 million registered PLAYSTATION Network users worldwide who have downloaded more than 60 million pieces of content.

**In North America alone there are more than 1.8 million registered users who have downloaded more than 34.5 million pieces of content.

**A recent PLAYSTATION Network price promotion for Calling all Cars?, Everyday Shooter?, flOw? and Pixel Junk Racers? resulted in a combined 920% increase in total downloads.

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