PlayStation All-Stars 2 For PS4 Out In 2018 Featuring Crash Bandicoot, Lara Croft, Spyro, And Cloud Strife [Rumor]

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playstation all-stars 2
Is a sequel to PS All-Stars coming? [Image from PlayStation]

If the rumors are true, it looks like we’ll be seeing PlayStation All-Stars 2 in the near future. The first game was Sony’s attempt at a Super Smash Bros-style fighter, which garnered mixed reviews from critics. Seems like Sony will be giving the title another shot at success with a sequel that has more classic characters.

According to a post on 4Chan, we could see a sequel to All-Stars Battle Royale sometime in 2018. Supposedly, we will see characters that helped define the original PlayStation like Crash, Lara Croft and Spyro the Dragon. Even Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy 7 could make an appearance, which is surprising since he was Smash Bros DLC.

The Nit and Gritty

From the information seen in the forum, it seems like Sony will be taking a few cues from Injustice 2 and Smash Bros. There will be a customization option for characters, but these will mostly be cosmetic changes, so that’s fairly interesting. Combat is also getting a major overhaul, so using supers isn’t the only way to defeat your opponent.

According to the alleged leak, no Konami characters will be appearing due to Sony’s partnership with Hideo Kojima, so no Solid Snake. This also means no characters from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, which is sad to see, considering its impact. Online modes have also been mentioned, which was expected since this is a fighting game, so they’re always obligatory now.

Better Than Before?

How PlayStation All-Stars 2 can be better than the first will be interesting to see, since most disliked the original. Not hate, since the gameplay wasn’t awful or broken, but it’s clear that they wanted that Smash Bros money. The perfect metaphor for this was Smash Bros having Solid Snake, while All-Stars had to be content with Raiden.

To be fair, there have been other Smash Bros-style games and some of them have gotten decent reviews. All-Stars Battle Royale had solid reviews from critics, so in terms of functionality it isn’t a bad game at all. Sony will have to find a way to make the game more appealing, if they don’t want their next game to be another Smash Bros clone.

Players should take this leak with a grain of salt considering no hard evidence was shown. Rumors of a PlayStation All-Stars 2 reveal at E3 2014 along with off-screen images also surfaced before, but nothing transpired from that alleged leak. The 4chan leaker claims news about a new trademark for the sequel will surface next month, so that’s something to look forward to. While the leaker claims a 2018 launch, no proper date or release window was given. 

In the meantime, players interested in this can pick up the original game on PS3 or PS Vita. Super Smash Bros can currently be bought on Wii U and 3DS.

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