PlayStation 5 News: How Will Sony’s Merger Affect Their Next Gaming Console?

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Sony is merging Sony Network Entertainment and Sony Computer Entertainment to bring PlayStation business and network services under one roof. Sony has created the new company called Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) for all things related to PlayStation. SIE will be based in California and Andrew House will head the new company. Moving PlayStation to US with Sony Interactive Entertainment will surely have an impact on Sony?s upcoming devices, including PlayStation VR and PlayStation 5.?

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has released a press release which states that Sony Interactive Entertainment will begin operations in San Mateo, California. The PlayStation business will be moved to Silicon Valley, and House will lead the operation as Global CEO. According to Sony, the new changes will be effective starting April 1.?

As the PlayStation business along with its streaming and network services is moving to a new company, fans have started speculating on new changes and updates regarding Sony?s PlayStation hardware and games. Recently, analyst Michael Pachter said that Sony will release its next-generation console, PS5, in 2020 or earlier. In an episode of his web series, Pachter Factor said that Microsoft will also release Xbox Two within the said time period.?

No matter how strong the predictions are, the new merger will surely strengthen the operation for Sony PlayStation. Bringing the two businesses under one roof is a clever idea in many ways. Sony has been focusing more on network services for its PlayStation games, and the company is also planning to introduce PlayStation VR this year; the new company will surely bring its people together under one roof with a clearer objective.

Sony?s merger also makes sense because House has been running the company?s operations flawlessly, and both services will be under his watchful eye now at SIE. By integrating Sony?s network operations, the PlayStation?s software, hardware and content will make the new products and upcoming games stronger and will surely help contribute to the company?s growth.

Sony has not released any official statement about the release of its next-gen console PS5, but hopefully the company will make an announcement sometime this year. Maybe the company will announce the highly anticipated gaming console in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016.

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