Playstation 4 To Get Karaoke game SingStar Later This Year; Companion App Turns Your Phone Into A Microphone

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SingStar will come to PS4 later this year

In a blog post dated May 21, 2014, game director Chris Bruce announced that Sony?s celebrated competitive karaoke game called SingStar will finally come to the PlayStation 4 in late 2014. In the same post, Bruce is elated by the fact that the game franchise is now a decade old and has sold over 26 million copies.

The new version of the game will be launched together with a free iOS and Android app that will enable players to use their smartphones as the microphone for the singing game. In the earlier PS3 version, you can only use a dedicated mic that can be bought separately. This innovation is very practical now that present smartphone models? microphones are more than capable to do the job, according to Dave Ranyard, the London Studio Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.

PS3 owners need not worry because this upcoming SingStar edition will still support the use of their SingStar microphone and all the songs they have purchased using the previous version. Moreover, the free SingStar app will work on both PS3 and PS4. Aside from serving as the game?s mic, the app will also allow users to compile their own playlists.

For those who own a PlayStation camera, they may also use that as the microphone to allow all the people in the room to contribute to the game. This game update will also give the camera a new feature that can add filters to the game?s video feed as well as give players goofy animal head effects.

Social media integration is also a key improvement in this SingStar update. It will let you share images and audio clips of songs you just performed right from the game to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Sony also mentioned that a better scoring system will be implemented so that players may build up their XP easier.

The Japanese multi-platform giant plans to release this PS4 version of SingStar in North America this fall. Initially, players can download a demo playlist from the PlayStation Store composed of 10 songs, each of them lasts for only a minute. Meanwhile, the game will be released in Europe sometime in October or November.


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