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PlayStation 4 Release Update: Photos Of A Redesigned Slimmer Model Spotted At An Auction Site

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A bunch of photos reportedly belonging to a redesigned PlayStation 4 was spotted at an online auction site.

Going by the photos, the upcoming PlayStation 4 will be housed in a relatively slimmer chassis. The?images were first spotted by?Polygon, and it claims to show unboxed photos of the new gaming device.

The PS4 looks thinner and the edges have been smoothed out. In comparison, the original device came with sharp corners. The speculation is that these PS4 photos might have been sourced from Europe or from the Arabian Peninsula.

Speaking of specifications, the retail box has been marked to show a 500GB hard drive. Although nothing much has been revealed, it is easy to spot the removal of PS4’s optical port.

According to reports, the official PlayStation 4 release date of the new model named ?Neo? has been set for September 7 at 3 p.m. EST. The venue is Times Square.

PS4 Model New (Image Credit: Polygon And GumTree)

Alleged Upcoming PS4 Model (Image Credit: Polygon And GumTree)

Back in June, Sony acknowledged the existence of an upcoming PS4, tied to the codename Neo. Even though the Japanese tech giant noted that the device will be released later this year, there was no word on the changes to the design.

Hence, gaming fans should note that while the possibility of these photos belonging to a new PlayStation 4 is quite high, it could also be an updated version of an existing variant as well. In any case, Sony has not verified the authenticity of these photos. Hence, take this report with a proverbial pinch of salt until we get a confirmation.

Are you one of those waiting to purchase the revamped PS4 Neo? If so, what changes would you like to see in the new device? Feel free to leave a comment. TheBitBag will keep you updated on any follow-ups to this story.


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