Playstation 4 PS4 Remote Play Release & Features: What To Expect On Release Day

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Playstation 4 PS4 Remote Play
PHOTOGRAPH: Sony | Playstation 4 PS4 Remote Play

A few months back, indie developer Twisted got a lot of feedback after announcing his unofficial PlayStation 4 remote play app exclusively for PCs. People started writing articles about the much anticipated release. Even Sony itself appeared to have heard about it as it confirmed they’re working on the PC and Mac app remote play.

This isn’t entirely new for Sony as users can only stream games on their PlayStation Vita and some of the Sony phones. Gamers can only purchase PlayStation TV in order to stream PS4 games to other TVs.

But for those who only have a single television but would still want to have Destiny on their desktop computer while their children are using their TV, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Shuhei Yoshida told his Twitter followers this may come very soon.

Bad News for Mac Users

For those with Xbox One, Microsoft already enabled remote play for their PCs. But in order to do this, you need to run Windows 10, a real bummer for Mac users. But if you’re lucky to have the right set up, you’re free to play Xbox One games at 60 frames per sec in 1080 of your PC. Just a reminder though, the image quality still depends on the user’s local network. You can’t expect 60 FPS if you’re just using Wi-Fi. But if you’re with Ethernet all the way, there shouldn’t be any problem.

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When it finally rolls out, people expect PS4 remote play to have improved controller support for Mac and PC. Right now PS4 controller utilizes USB and Bluetooth. This means user’s current PS4 controller will work on your PC. However, there’s also a touchpad, which is more difficult to support. Thus, gamers expect the official drivers for Windows and OS X in the next couple of months.

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