PlayStation 4 Price Cut, Will You Region Enjoy The Sale? Check It Out Here!

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If you are holding yourself on getting a PlayStation 4 because you are waiting for a price drop, well your patience might be worth it.

Japan has already made their price drop for the PlayStation 4, which they previously announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2015. They made a price cut from the original ?39,980 to ?34,980 and it was implemented last October 1. And the price cut is not a sign that the PlayStation 4 is in danger, as from the past year, the PlayStation 4 has become the best seller in home consoles, still beating the Xbox One with a higher margin since its official launch in 2013. The new 1TB version of the PlayStation 4 has been announced, which makes sense for the planned price cut in Japan (the original release of the PlayStation 4 only has a 500GB storage capacity)

Some parts of the world have followed suit on the price drop, including in some countries in the Southeast Asia, though there were not any announcements for a Western price cut, Retail giant Target is giving a hint, as previously stated on their website, it mentioned that the standard PlayStation 4 package is priced at $349, including the upcoming The Nathan Drake Collection bundle, as opposed to the original $399. However the prices went back to the original $399 after the report on the alleged price drop, no details on whether it was an error or the price drop was promoted way early from its original plan.

There has still been no announcement of a price drop in America and Europe yet, but fans are still hoping for that time to come especially to those who want to purchase their own PlayStation 4. Hopefully Sony would make an announcement soon and place the price drop during the holidays.

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