PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Which One To Get and Why

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Xbox One VS PlayStation 4 (Image Credit to mashed YouTube)
Xbox One VS PlayStation 4 (Image Credit to mashed YouTube)

After E3 2014 had concluded, the battle between Sony?s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft?s Xbox One is a bit even now given the fact that Xbox One?s price drop after the E3 event, contrasts well with PlayStation 4?s games selection and processing power.

We?re just seven months away before the stream of the next-gen games starts and it would be high-time to decide now which one you need to get and why.

In the sales department, Sony is obviously leading with their nearly 8 million sold units compared to Xbox One?s 5 million ?shipped to stores?. However, these are mere sales statistics and it?s not much of a factor to consider upon deciding which next-gen gaming console is ?right for you.

In the past, Xbox One was a bit pricier than Sony?s console, but Microsoft changed that and now both consoles are in the same price range. You could also take note of the Xbox One-exclusive titles that Microsoft is planning to add to its library this year aside from the popular Titanfall.

Sony?s PlayStation 4, on the other hand, has Project Morpheus going on, which is to come with the already popular Oculus Rift. They also have games like Uncharted 4 and The Order 1886, which is bound to come out some time in 2015.

So which one exactly should you be considering? Both of them have large numbers of exclusive titles, both sport great graphics and any choice would be good, but if you?re a gamer, which is very particular about the smallest details, you might be better off looking at the PlayStation 4 side. With games like Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (A bit clearer and farther draw distance), Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, (60 fps on PS4, 30 fps on XONE), but this doesn?t necessarily mean that it is a deal breaker for the Xbox One. Without a side-by-side comparison, you wouldn?t be able to tell the difference at all, and they both look and feel great just the same.

So it boils down to games. As Nintendo Executive Reggie Fils-Aime said, ?It?s all about the content?.

There?s virtually no point in comparing the games available on the two consoles as they practically mirror each other. Better to look at their exclusive titles and the selection of games available. This would depend on your preferences.

If you?re a fan of RPG, or JRPG in general, PlayStation 4 might be something you will be leaning into, as Sony is known for it. (especially the PlayStation 3), otherwise, Xbox One would be a choice for more ?Mature? oriented games, or if you want to play Titanfall, but the second game might not be exclusive to Microsoft, so you can think it over.

Still, PlayStation 4 might get the upper hand on games selection because most games on the Xbox One is likely to make their appearance on the PC as well. Given that you?ve got a decent PC, it is likely that Xbox One games will be ported to the PC, while most of Sony?s exclusives will stay on the console.

Xbox One has Kinect 2.0 while PlayStation 4 will have the Project Morpheus. Again, this is up to your personal taste. Even though Sony is venturing into virtual reality, Microsoft isn?t just sitting there doing nothing to make their console more innovative, as it is slowly turning into an all-purpose entertainment platform

If you want to get the most out of your ?Gaming? console, PlayStation 4 is the way to go. If you want to get the most out of an ?All-Around Entertainment Platform?, Xbox One might be the better choice.

Here’s a short video to show the rough comparison between the two. Done in a rap battle. Enjoy!

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