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E3 2014 is right around the corner and it?s the gaming industry?s biggest annual event. It?s one of those gaming events that are on everyone?s radar, but unfortunately, most are unable to attend. That sucks for everyone, especially the fans, so Sony has thought up of something that they can do to help gamers out. Enter the E3 2014 App for the PlayStation 4.

By downloading and using the app, users will be able to watch Sony?s E3 Press Conference live from the comfort of their own homes. The PlayStation press conference starts on June 9 at 5:45pm PST and Sony will be unveiling some of their coolest secrets as well as any interesting news and updates related to Sony. The show floor opens on June 10 at 12pm PDT and users will be able to check out different gameplay screenshots and trailers of the games at the booth. There will also be other things that Sony is looking to unveil and there will be overviews of current and future services like the PlayStation Plus and the PlayStation Now.

As an added bonus, the E3 2014 app will not only be used for browsing. Users will also be able to unlock some perks just by using the app. For starters, there are gold and silver challenges that users can complete from inside the app that can grant up to 250 Sony Rewards Points. You?ll have to remember though that these points have an expiry and will only be available for unlock until June 24, 2014 and that the points will be distributed via email on July 3, 2014. Aside from points, other goodies can be unlocked through the app as well like a 30 day trial for Amazon Prime and another 30 day trial for Music Unlimited.

Early birds will also get a bonus. During the show, Sony will have 6,000 invites to give away per day for the PlayStation Now Private Beta on the PlayStation 4, starting on June 10 at 12pm PDT so make sure to log in early to secure your invite.

The app is around 350MB in size and is available for download in their store.

The PlayStation 4 E3 2014? trailer is below


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Photo Source: PlayStation blog

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