PlayStation 4 Continues To Outsell Xbox One

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Playstation 4 outsells Xbox One

During the first three months of 2014, Sony?s PlayStation 4 (PS4) has continuously beaten Microsoft?s Xbox One in terms of units sold. Sony already sold more than 7 million units of their console whereas Xbox One has only shipped 5 million units to their distributors worldwide but only able to sold 3 million so far.

Both consoles were launched in November 2013. At that time, it appeared that either gaming device can take the lead in unit sales due to the innovative features they both offer. But several months later, the financial odds turned in favor of the PS4?s Japan-based console creators. ?Yusuf Mehdi, Microsoft?s Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer commented in defense of their apparently meager sales and said that Sony?s latest console is available in more than 40 markets, while their Xbox One is only available in 13. He also declared that the Xbox One will be launched in Japan and 25 other countries this coming September.

Mehdi also pointed out that one reason why Xbox One?s sales is lagging behind is because players are clinging to their Xbox 360 a bit longer due to the regular updates they are releasing for the predecessor of the Xbox One. He explained that Xbox 360 users are enjoying their consoles more than PlayStation 3 users do, so they are less likely to buy an upgraded version soon.

But after all of Microsoft?s defensive stance for their Xbox One sales, many video game experts say that the market success of PS4 lies heavily to its features, quality, as well as its price. The Xbox One costs $499, a full $ 100 more than the PS4. But recently, Microsoft announced that they will release a Kinect-free, cheaper version at $ 399. This is obviously to address their weak Xbox One sales performance. The result of this move is yet to be seen as Microsoft is planning to release it in June.

When it comes to features, some industry experts are swearing by PlayStation 4?s superiority. One of the major factors is its form and design. The PS4 weighs less and appears sleeker and more stylish. Meanwhile, the Xbox One looked bulkier and heavier. PlayStation 4 also has the option for players to use replaceable drives, whereas the Microsoft console only permits users to add external storage to the device?s system which only adds up to its bulky persona.


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