PlayStation 4 Continues To Outsell Xbox One Despite Price Cut

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Despite having been on the receiving end of a substantial price cut and discarding Kinect, Microsoft?s current-gen console, the Xbox One remains to be outsold by its rival, Sony?s PlayStation 4.

Since Xbox One?s launch last November, it has been plagued by slow sales and the previously mandatory Kinect peripheral has been recently ditched by Microsoft, lowering the Xbox One?s price to match Sony?s PlayStation 4.

Although this price cut has brought Xbox One closer to its lead rival, unfortunately for them, the sales figure is still favoring Sony?s PlayStation 4.

Jonathan Marsh, the Head of Buying for Electronics and Home Technology at John Lewis – spoke with TrustedReviews and said,

?Yeah, we have [seen Xbox One sales increase since Microsoft cut out the mandatory Kinect]. Sales figures are now more competitive, but still favouring Sony.?

Originally, both consoles hit the market within a matter of weeks of each other, but Microsoft?s current-gen console cost a full ??80 more than Sony?s PlayStation 4 at launch. And now that both consoles are identically priced, it appears that Microsoft may have been too late because the damage has?been done.

Jonathan discussed the console war?s state prior to the price cut of the Xbox One.

?We had this situation where Microsoft had, let?s call it an appropriate level of stock, where Sony was still very much hand-to-mouth as the demand very much outstripped the supply.
The move from Xbox was definitely in order to compete on a more level pegging with Sony and that has definitely resulted in a response from the consumer as well.?

But regardless of the narrowing sales, Jonathan added: ?The demand for Sony is still greater than what we are seeing for Xbox One right now.?

Earlier this month, Mircrosoft stated that the Xbox One?s sales doubled since Kinect has been discarded, but Sony?s relentless dominance only goes to show how large a gulf there was between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to start.


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