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New Rules for a New IT World, will showcase ways to use the PLAYSTATION?3 (PS3?) system as a powerful personal computing device by running the Linux operating system and Firefox web browser during the Office 2.0 Conference in San Francisco on September 5-7, 2007.

The PLAYSTATION?3 system will be powering the conference’s agendas and special announcement via a Wi-Fi network that will be broadcasted on flat panel displays throughout the conference. From building web pages to using word processors and accessing email, PS3 allows consumers to not only enjoy games and entertainment in the living room, but also to take advantage of the office productivity and Web 2.0 applications available today.

At the heart of PS3 is the Cell Broadband Engine?, one of the most-advanced computer processors in the world, that enables massive floating point calculation, and Blu-ray Disc? (BD) drive, providing a true High Definition (1080p)* next-generation gaming and movie experience in the home. PS3 can also be used for running massive scientific calculations for applications such as Folding@Home as well as for supporting office productivity by running the Firefox web browser on top of the Linux operating system.

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