Playstation 3 Owners Should Love 5g Installs

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Ever since DMC4 was released there’s been a big deal about the 25min install of the game.  We know that with the install the load times are very close to the Xbox 360 load times.  What people don’t understand is that the benefit of installing a game to the hard drive means less noise and wear and tear on your Blu-Ray drive.

For those of us who have both a 360 and PS3, we know that the 360 DVD drive is very loud.  Most games on the 360 don’t install to the hard disk.  For each game to run they must stream data to the memory throughout gameplay or load full levels into memory at the start of the game.  While playing Assassin’s Creed the disc is constantly spinning on the 360.  The loud rumble is very annoying on older boxes and it’s why MS opted for a quieter drive.

Playstation 3 games for the most part run quieter because of the install.  If you listen to a PS3 during install while it’s spinning the disc, you can hear it loud and clear.  Now imagine if it had to stream data off of that disc during gameplay?  You’d probably complain about the sound just as much as you do with the 360.

PC users are used to long installs.  How many of you play World Of Warcraft?  Remember that CD install?  What a pain in the ass that was.  Imagine installing it right now and having to do all the updates?  It’s why I picked up a few copies of that free DVD they were giving out at the Comic Con.  One disc to rule them all!  But even with the DVD install, which is pretty fast, I still have a years worth of updates to run through.

So if the Xbox 360 fanboys got you down because you have to make sandwiches while waiting for the install, don’t fret.  Console gaming is getting more like PC gaming these days and the install is just another way of making the gameplay experience better for you.

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