PlayStation 2 Games Can Now Be Played In PlayStation 4? Sony To Emulate Old Games For New PS Console: The Best PS2 Games You Shouldn?t Miss Playing, Backwards Compatibility Feature Explained

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Now that we heard the news that PlayStation 2 games will be emulated on the PlayStation 4, it is time to pick five PlayStation 2 games that needs to become available for the PlayStation 4.

Some thought that the PlayStation 4 is now backwards compatible and can now play PlayStation 2 games and even PlayStation 1 games. Well Sony only confirmed that the PlayStation 4 will have emulation for PlayStation 2 games, so we cannot guarantee if your old PlayStation 2 discs will work, but this could mean that we can purchase the PlayStation 2 games from the PSN and play it on the PS4. So we decided to list out five games that are not available on the PSN that we wish will become available for the PlayStation 4.


Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Rewind time all over again on this Prince of Persia reboot and the first game to offer a time rewinding game mechanic. And not to mention one of the great action platforming games when Parkour was not even a trend yet.


Chaos Legion

During the PlayStation 2 era, there were a lot of action hack-and-slash games popping out that were inspired by Capcom?s Devil May Cry series, so Capcom also launched an action hack-and-slash game, this time based on a novel. Featuring a unique Chaos Legion summon familiar that aids you during your battles.



A unique shooter game with a blend of music rhythm game. Rez also provides some great electronic music, as players target and destroy enemies in the game, they can create melodies and sounds. This also inspired some developers to create action rhythm games.


Viewtiful Joe

When Capcom decided to port this to the PlayStation 2, everyone went crazy as this is one of the coolest game created during its generation. A classic sidescrolling game where you can do combos by fast forwarding the scene or dodge attacks by slowing it down


Final Fantasy XII

And one of the underrated Final Fantasy games to date, some of the fans feel alienated on the new combat system, but some praised it for being unique. Though some did not like Vaan as the main protagonist as the story actually shows that Ashe is the real main character, but despite some of the complaints, this was one of those games that is very engaging and have an interesting story.

How did you like our list? If you have some suggestions of which PS2 games should be added, let us know on the comments


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