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Titanfall just went live a day or so ago in the US and you could say the gaming world could be holding their breath on what could happen in the next week or so. Lots of gamers and reviewers might be expecting hiccups and meltdowns, only because it’s EA. Remember that fiasco with Sim City where people couldn’t play the game a week after launch day? Suffice to say, a lot of people were holding their breath over this.

So what’s happened since Titanfall’s release? As expected, there was a hiccup, but EA, Respawn and Microsoft say that it’s not because of Titanfall.


Although Microsoft, Respawn and EA all say that it wasn’t Titanfall’s fault, a lot of people were not able to access the game a few hours into release day. A distinction must be shown, however, that no one on the Microsoft Azure servers could access Xbox live at all. This means that it wasn’t just Titanfall that was not accessible–but every other game on Xbox live. If this was because of Titanfall, Microsoft and Respawn weren’t the ones to say so. Nonetheless, the reality was, there was a time window where the access to Titanfall’s network was severely limited that only a few people were able to play.

Now being dubbed #titanfail by a lot of players who pre-ordered the game, it was almost expected, but nonetheless annoying for a lot of people. It’s hard to say if Respawn’s constant updates on their Twitter account took the edge off the downtime, but it’s up now. For the Xbox Live users, that is.

For PC users, there were difficulties connecting to the game as well. You could say that release day is always bound to have hiccups but it’s no comfort to the people who bought the game or the collector’s edition that could run for more than $100!


Aside from that #titanfail, the game looks like it’s delivering what it’s promised. A lot of people have uploaded their gameplay videos and the reviews are in for the first day of the game:

1. If you do manage to get in the game, the high quality video in trailers and demos are spot on and faithful to earlier reviews

2. Not being able to play alone or offline is a big downside to the game. You need to wait or form your 6 man team and wait for another 6 man team to get in. But this is something that all MMO games share as a downside.

3. You get assigned to either the IMC or the militia randomly at the start of the game. Only when you complete the whole campaign on your assigned side can you party up with a friend on the opposing side.?

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