Players Pressed With Criminal Charges For Cheating Online Games

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Playing video games can be challenging at a certain point. Sometimes, it gets so frustrating that you are not enjoying it anymore. Facing these frustrations leads to cheating, and it is fun considering the fact that you gain more out of it. Cheating gives you access to things that other people can?t have ?and allows you to have the advantage. But of course, cheating is an offense and punishable.

In video games, when you cheat, you are subject to banning. You are not allowed to play the game for a specific amount of time due to the actions that might destroy the game or violate your fellow players. Cheaters change the way the game is played and thus becomes a risk for game publishers. They might lose players, compromise the game, and lose sales. That is why some games have jails; some ?would just not let you enter the game. But what happens when you have cheated too much?

Three gamers were sued in Japan as online game company Nexon pressed charges for cheating and obstruction of business. The gamers ?allegedly used in-game cheats for the online FPS game, Sudden Attack. It seems that the violation was so grave, banning these players is not enough.

Gamers ages are 17 to 18, one is a university freshman, the second is a 17-year old vocational student, and lastly, the other one is a 17-year old high school student. According to Yomiuri Online, one of the largest online newspapers in Japan, these ?three players allegedly used the same tools to cheat repeatedly and were the ones responsible for any distribution that have occurred.?For many years, cheating in Sudden Attack is commonly known. There are several players that have been using these tools way before the three guys did their part.

As mentioned above, cheating is fun, but it is definitely wrong. But isn’t it an overreaction and an exaggeration for Nexon to actually press criminal charges. They might have tried banning them. They are supposed to improve the?system in countering these types of tools used in cheating, rather than pressing charges against these ?boys who can?t possible defend themselves against a huge company.

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