Why you should play Diablo III right now (spoiler-free)

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After almost 2 years, Diablo III is once again ripe for the playing. There is no better time to start playing Blizzard’s top-selling hack-and-slash title. ?Why? Here are some reasons:


1. The Reaper of Souls expansion, which continues the story of your hero in Diablo III, launches on March 25, 2014.

For people who want a continuous game without the wait between expansions, now is the best time to start playing. Although the people who started off when the game was launched a few years ago have a really big head start, they’ve been waiting a long time for the story to continue. What new players have as an advantage over them, is that the whole game play system and the feel is going to be fresh. They can keep playing well into the expansion without a break. For binge-gamers, this will be the best time to play so they can go through all the available content in one sitting.


2. Blizzard has added +50% xp modifier until March 24, 2014.

For sure, Blizzard has added the experience modifier to entice new players to buy the game and the expansion. But it certainly is a very sweet deal since you can level your character even faster now. Up to the last day before Reaper of Souls is released, you can take advantage of faster levelling. Free players can also take advantage of this, although the level cap may become more of a detriment than a perk.


3. The real money auction house is shutting down.

For players who were put off by the way people can pay hard cash for great drops and gear, that part of the game is over now. Blizzard has decided to shut down the auction house and let everyone get their items the old-fashioned way; through fighting monsters. A lot of players expressed dismay over how some users simply bought the items they wanted. Developers saw that their loyal players were not pleased with the game balance when people could pay real money to get ahead of others. Eventually, they decided that they would shut the real money and gold auction houses by March 18, 2014.

4. The patch and expansion will download anyway as you play the game.

Whether it’s a clever mechanism or a convenient part of the client, all the patches and expansion files are downloading while you’re playing the game. Purchasing the expansion is simply going to unlock the content. So if you’ve been playing the game, you’ve probably finished the patches and downloads for the expansion. Blizzard is trying its best to make the transition to the new patch and expansion easy.

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