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With great power comes a greater electricity bill or something close to that. Take a good look at GTA IV?s trending mod, Spiderman.

With this Spiderman Mod out for GTA IV, you might mistake it for a Spiderman game. The webbed superhero will be saving or shooting people in Liberty City. The Spiderman mod allows you to be able to swing through skyscrapers, helicopters, and cars just like a spider. Check out some of the few pictures Peter Parker got for us.


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The Spiderman mod is just one of the many crazy mods that the GTA modding community has created. If you are playing GTA IV, you will be cleaning crooks out of the streets of Liberty City. If you are going to do that, it is best to do it with style ? be a superhero.

You don?t need to be an orphan to be a superhero in GTA IV. All you need to do is pick up some of the coolest mods like Iron Man, Super Man, Hulk and follow the installation guide.

You can also use Spiderman?s abilities such as web slinging, web shot and web swings to kick thugs out of the streets. You can also use it on innocent ?civilians for no reason as well. The mod also allows you to stick to the walls and climb skyscrapers. You can jump off tall buildings and shoot your web to swing.

Aside from all of Spiderman?s awesome abilities, the mod will also change the way you fight. Instead of the normal punch, Spiderman will give a good whopping combo. You can plan attacks from a distance, use web to grapple, and give them a good beating.

Additionally, there is a photography mode included in the mod. You can slow down time and shoot pictures just like Peter Parker.

To install this mod, you can check out the modder?s installation page. Get?it right here! The mod includes Spiderman-skins and controls for all of Spiderman?s powers.


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