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You will be able to play as the hero of time in Nintendo?s Legend of Zelda series, ?Link,? in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate via the Nintendo 3DS. Capcom announced this past weekend at the San Diego Comic-Con 2014 about the involvement of Legend of Zelda in the upcoming Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate game. You won?t exactly be Link, but with the signature clothing and weapons, you can and will be. The clothing is extremely similar to what Link sported in the Wii game Skyward Sword.

Players will be able to wield Link?s signature Master Sword along with the traditional Hyrule Shield. Both can be crafted in the game later (or earlier?) part of the game. Same goes for his usual green tunic. Players can still use normal weapons and equipment in the game.

In the short trailer above, the game theme started off with a memorable sound effect from a classic Legend of Zelda game, and even the start of the music was an excerpt from the beginning of the game?s main theme, which transitioned to that of Monster Hunter?s.

The cross-over was actually announced earlier for the Japanese version of the game, and it?s a good thing that gamers from outside Japan?s coast will be able to experience being the hero of light in a world full of monsters to hunt.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate is the direct port of the Japanese title Monster Hunter 4G. The game will be featuring online capabilities, as well as local multiplayer through wireless. The game is scheduled for an early 2015 release in the U.S.

Nintendo did say that they intend to bring the characters of their brand for more video games, which explains this cross-over. (The same happened with Scribblenauts Unlimited, Tekken Tag 2 Wii U, etc) Another ?Zelda? game is also coming out soon. It is called ?Hyrule Warriors?, which stars Legend of Zelda characters, including Link, Zelda, and a wide array of characters from the series. The game will, however, not follow the traditional Zelda gameplay, but rather, it will use the Dynasty Warriors gameplay mechanics.

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