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Play ARMS In Real Life With Upcoming Jabii Toy

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A new competitor for ARMS has emerged. [Image from Nintendo YouTube channel]

ARMS will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 16, but there is an interesting alternate option for fans. There is a new toy called Jabii, that lets people punch each other safely while wearing a special helmet filled with sensors for scorekeeping purposes. Despite how bad it sounds, it’s not as violent as one might think and could be good fun for everyone.

On June 1, a Kickstarter for the toy will start and it will be interesting to see public reactions. If the toy’s press release means anything, the creators are taking precautions to make sure it is safe for children. While not as imaginative as the Nintendo Switch fighter, it is a toy that can be played outside with friends.

Good Jabii

As if the similarities to ARMS weren’t obvious before, the Jabii toy will also get an accompanying mobile game. The mobile game acts as a scorekeeper for the toy, but will also act as it’s own separate title. The toy’s creators have promised character creation, RPG-like elements, and much more.

Considering how popular mobile games are these days, this could be a solid rival for the Nintendo Switch title. It’s interesting how the toy and mobile game will compliment each other, and it could be popular with children. Fans of the Switch game might want to keep this on their radar, given how unique it sounds.

Pull Back Your Punches

Nintendo Switch owners can purchase ARMS on June 16, and we will find out if the fighter is worth it. Though the premise is a bit silly, the game has gained a fanbase and could be one of Nintendo’s biggest new IPs. As for Jabii, the toy doesn’t have a release date just yet, but a trailer for the toy is available.

Kids might have fun with this, and they can even play them with parents, so that should be nice. It should also be a fun activity for those that don’t always want to play video games, and that is fine. While information on the new toy is a bit slim, it could be a nice alternative to the upcoming Switch game.

ARMS will have another demo test this weekend, so fans looking forward to the game can play it there. Jabii’s Kickstarter will begin on June 1, so more information about the toy will be released for it as well.

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