Planetside 2 World Expansion Met with Huge Interest

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Just a few weeks ago, monolithic company Sony Online Entertainment released an update to its MMO shooting game Planetside 2. The update?s most note-worthy aspect is its brand new continent. Those who haven?t had to the chance to check out the game yet, don?t worry, it is still free-to-play, and the new map has just expanded, so players have more room to fight over.

The new continent, called Hossin, is basically a swamp. More obstacles are lying in wait for players, making them face more challenges as they navigate throughout the environment.

Sony Online Entertainment says that the map houses ?unforgiving marshes, low hanging tree canopies and slow-moving boggy terrain.? With this kind of description, gamers should already expect that it will be more difficult for them to fight off hordes of enemies.

The creative director of the game, Matt Higby, proceeded to inform the public that, with the map?s swamp-like terrain plus its natural barriers, the combat skills of players ?will be challenged like never before?. He also stated that ?facilities and bases are scattered throughout, making infantry combat the most important it?s ever been?.

With the brand new swamp continent, the ground and air combat strategy of Planetside 2, players can definitely expect that each session of the game will be more exciting than ever. SOE has also revealed that more updates, enhancements, and improvements will be done on the map, which probably means that Hossin will be the last map to be added to the game for a long period of time.

In addition to this new map, ? the ?outfits? (Planetside 2?s version of guilds or clans)?has?also?another surprise from the game developer. An improved recruiting system has just been implemented, which allows outfits to don decals. An ownership system has also been incorporated into the game.

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