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Planetside 2: The Never Ending War

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Planetside 2, as the title suggests, is a never ending war for domination between three empires, New conglomerate, Vanu Sovereignty and the glorious and mighty Terran Republic. All three factions have one goal and one goal only, dominate and take control of planet Auraxis and its continents.


  • Terran Republic ? The Terran Republic (also known as TR) is an empire who puts law and order first before anything else. Their actions bring negative impact to their citizens, thus giving them the idea that the Terran Republic is a dictatorial, authoritative, oppressive government. But majority of its citizens thinks that they are the only hope for security and survival in planet Auraxis.
  • New Conglomerate ? The New Conglomerate (or NC) is an empire who resisted the oppression and control of the Terran Republic.? One of their mottos is ?A miserable freeman is better off than a contented slave?. Some people treat them as terrorists or rebels, but some find them as the only hope for freedom.
  • Vanu Sovereignty ? The Vanu Sovereignty ( or VS) is a technocratic faction who believes that through technology lies the evolution of mankind. Their main objective is to uncover the secrets that are hidden away in ancient artifacts scattered all throughout Auraxis. They are not afraid to use any kind of force to those who interfere with their plans.


Planetside 2 is an MMOFPS game produced and published by Sony Online Entertainment. The game was released on November 20, 2012 and it is the second installment of Planetside which was released on May of 2003.


There are 6 classes to choose from. Each has different abilities to aid you on the battlefield.

  • Infiltrator ? who specializes in hacking, stealth and sniping. You can choose from sniper rifle or submachine gun to deliver lethal blow on your opponent. This class? special ability is cloaking, where you blend on your surroundings so that other factions won?t be able to see you, they might hear you though, each faction has a different cloaking sound effect so be careful when to sneak on your opponent.


  • Light Assault ? a scout who specializes in carbines, submachine guns and shotguns. This class is ideal for flanking and sneaking behind enemy line. The special ability of the light assault is the jump jet, which allows you to fly in a period of time depending on your upgrade.


  • Combat Medic ? a class that is considered to be both on the supportive side and the offensive side. The weapons they use are assault rifles, submachine guns and shotguns. They have the most important ability in game, they can heal other players and resurrect them.


  • Engineer ? the ability of this class is repairing structures (turrets, generators, and stations), tanks and aircrafts, and MAX units. Assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns and battle rifles are the type of weapons they use.


  • Heavy Assault ? is the second toughest class in Planetside 2. They have the ability to use a shield to help them withstand heavy damage. They are also the only class that can equip rocket launchers, along with light machine guns. But they can also use submachine guns, shotguns and battle rifles.


  • MAX (Mechanized Assault Exo-suit) ? is the toughest class in the game with the heaviest armor and devastating weapons of choice in exchange for speed and mobility. This class can equip two weapons at the same time. Either go for an anti-infantry weapon on both arms or make the other one anti-vehicle/air. It also has 2 abilities you can choose from. Charge, where you run furiously at your enemies or use a shield to take cover from hostile attacks.


Even though the game is super massive, each faction has their own pros and cons which makes the game more balanced for new users and old players alike.

The game focuses on team work and coordination. But lone wolves can also enjoy this game, it might be hard though.

There are three continents to capture and conquer, Indar a desert continent, Essamir where there is always snow and it?s always winter, so bring a jacket, and Amerish, a continent filled with trees and huge mountains. But the latest update adds one more continent, Hossin, a map that is filled with small to large swamps, jungles and tall trees.

This game is truly remarkable! Each continent can hold up to 2,000 players at once. You can even ride an aircraft or a tank. The decision is all yours.

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