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Planetside 2 PlayStation 4 Download Size Plus News About the FPS

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Planetside 2 is a massive online first-person shooter game developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment. A few years back, SOE made an announcement that the MMOFPS game is coming to PlayStation 4. However, the release date last year was moved and yesterday was actually the launch date for the closed beta of the IP.

Meanwhile, latest news for the PlayStation 4 version of the game revealed the actual file size for both the closed beta and the full version of Planetside 2 and an official announcement for the frames per second of the IP.

How large is the file size of Planetside 2 for PlayStation 4?

PS2 Executive Producer Clint Worley spoke to playstationlifestyle and revealed the actual file size of the closed beta and the full game and he said:

?The beta download is roughly 5GB, though the size may change in the future with additional content added in the Beta. The full game is around 13GB.?

13GB size is almost as close as the ones we have in PC, as for the closed beta on the other hand, 5GB sounds reasonable and won?t take that much space on your hard drive.

The game is MASSIVE as heck! So a 13GB for the full PlayStation 4?or 14GB for the PC version?sounds perfectly reasonable.

Official announcement for the frames and quality of the game?for the PlayStation 4

The official announcement for the frame rate of Planetside 2 for PlayStation 4 has been announced. According to gamezone, the game is now locked on 30 FPS.

Clint Worley, Executive Producer of Planetside 2, told gamezone that ?The game itself is pretty intensive, not on the graphical side, but more on the CPU side?

Included in that report, Worley also told gamezone that the IP?is running OK with 1080p and he said that they have ?no problem? running the game?on PlayStation 4 with that resolution.

The full version of Planetside 2 will be released this year, possibly after the closed beta and the full version won?t require PlayStation Plus as said on the report from playstationlifestyle.

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