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Planetside 2 FPS Battle: Breaks World Record with More Than 1,100 Online Players!

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A few weeks ago, we talked about how Planetside 2 plans to break the record for having the ?Most Players Online in an FPS Battle??this event happened last week, January 24, 2015.

According to the latest report from Polygon, the massive online first-person shooter game actually managed to break the record!

RecordSmashing?success despite the lag

The event was called RecordSmash and was hosted and organized by PlanetsideBattles and it was the most awesome match I have ever seen.

The target online players were pegged at 1,100 but the number of people who showed up was actually 1,158 according to the post on Planetside 2 Reddit. The event was a huge success even though there were a few bugs. For example, the SCU shield was still up even when the opposing teams have already destroyed the generator, plus the lag that people have ?been talking about in the game?s Subreddit, but there’s an explanation for it, courtesy of?las0m.

“As everyone knows, it’s a function of population – so alerts obviously bring it about more on live.

Generally your client performance is affected by # of updates your client is receiving from the server, bigger fight with more player movement, animation, sound, updates = laggy.

Same thing for the server, if there are many players the server is having to update simultaneously, it bogs down, and fast. At huge fights you’re getting hundreds of PC create and destroy messages a second, these are expensive on the server with super dense populations where every client needs to get updates. Every additional player update compounds the problem. On live we have lower pop caps than we had on Jaeger just now (1097 vs 1160) and that difference generally keeps it from becoming as laggy as we saw today. By pushing the pop caps up by about 60 players total and add to that that during ServerSmash people spend a lot less time idle, a lot more time rapid responding en masse, and a lot more time really jamming points than in standard live play – it’s a real stress test on the server and it gets pretty damn laggy!

We are definitely looking into it, and this type of event actually helps us by stress testing. Right now we know the biggest cause for server lag, it’s just a huge challenge to work against. It has to do with # of respawns in a heavily populated area, once player count hits a certain # and spawns in the area hits a certain # things go south quick. Mass redeploys, even big gal drops where lots of players are being “created” simultaneously, all slam the server.”

Here is the recorded live stream video of the RecordSmash event last week, in case you have missed it.

Credits to Hard to Find PS2 Videos

[jwplayer mediaid=”108628″]

That gathering of sky whales (Galaxy) in the beginning of the video was epic!

I planned?to participate in this event; sadly, I didn?t know that there was a registration form that you must sign before you can actually join. I did, however, enjoy watching the fight and I was kind of imagining that I was also included in that match.

Everyone who participated in this event deserves a big pat on the back, especially the organizers.

Reddit user?dcareySOE?wrote:

“Huge thanks to all the players and Smash guys, lots of effort went into this. After having tried to organize MMO raids back in the day, I can’t even imagine handling that many players at once.

Well done all!”

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