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Plan Your Next Holiday with Google Destinations

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Going somewhere? Google wants to help.

Google is now lending a helping hand to your holiday trips using Google Destinations, a new search feature that will make travel easier for you.

Well, we all know the hassle of planning a getaway. Deciding where to go, counting the costs and arranging transportation are just some of the things on the to-do list. Aside from those, meshing schedules is particularly the ultimate headache most travellers worry about.

Worry no more! Google has come up with a solution. Last Wednesday, the company announced a new search feature, Destinations on Google, that allows users to explore and plan their vacation directly from Google Search — from location to flight plans, hotel booking and activity planning.

What?s more, Google Destinations does not present off-the-beaten-path guides or exclusive information that?s not found anywhere else on the web. Instead, it offers a more friendly, easier and productive searching and planning on a mobile phone by presenting good quality information.

It?s the first time that Google has introduced a travel tool on smartphones before desktop, since people now are spending time more on the former than the latter.

Google Destinations is available through your mobile browser or the Google app on iOS or Android. Everything starts with a single search screen; there is no searching through websites or hopping among them and no entering of information again and again.

On your smartphone, you can just simply open the mobile browser or the Google app and search for your desired location, and then, search results will appear in multiple tiles. Each search result will be accompanied by a photo of the destinations including the cheapest fares or other available transportation, timing and accommodations.

For more specific results, you only need to add definitive words to narrow down the options. The filter button also allows you to specify the number of people involved, price, travel dates and interests.

According to Google, Destinations is for travelers who are interested in popular places and major sites. With its vast amount of information, Google wants users to use Destinations for every step of the travel planning.

For now, Destinations on Google is only available on mobile so it cannot be accessed from your desktop or laptop computer and has only been launched in the USA and in select markets.

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