?A Place To Call Home? Season 4 Premiere Date; Will Focus On Relationships Between Different Social Classes

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The hit Australian drama A Place to Call Home returns with its Season 4 on Foxtel, after the show?s cancellation by Channel Seven after two successful seasons while the third was aired on Foxtel?s Soho Channel. The premiere date for the fourth season can possibly be set around September this year while the storyline will focus on the relationships between different social classes.

The upcoming instalment of the so-called Australian version of Downton Abbey is expected to premiere around September this year as predicted by International Business Times AU as the previous season made its debut on the SoHo channel on Sept. 27 last year, so Foxtel might most likely follow the same schedule considering that production had already begun in late February.

In season 4, the show will continue to focus and will delve deeper into the relationships between different social classes by showing how each of the characters would respond to various social issues

The next season will also show the conservative wave of fear by recreating the ?reds under the bed? conspiracy in which the Petrov Affair was surrounded by. Social and moral choices are to be highlighted as well which were opened up by liberal change.

Comprising the bigger narratives are the personal stories of our beloved characters. We will see the return of fan-favorites Regina (Jenni Baird) and Elizabeth (Noni Hazelhurst) and others.

The previous season concluded with Sarah?s (Marta Dusseldorp) deeply emotional yet beautiful journey, Premiere TV writes, and has been the most acclaimed instalment despite lower ratings as compared to the first two seasons. The audience response was great as lots of twists and turns have been injected into the development of the plot, keeping fans on the edge. Regina finally got what she has been longing for, but when Elizabeth decided to choose her own happiness, something terrible happens.

A lot of questions have been answered in the previous chapter but it also opened up more issues that fans will definitely look forward to when he drama returns this year.

Season 4 will consist of 12 episodes with creator Bevan Lee as writer.

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