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Pizza Rat Video Goes Viral On Social Media: Stealing Cheese And Hearts Like A Real New Yorker, Shared 2 Million Times!

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An unconventional post went viral when a commuter shared a video of a rat dragging a slice of pizza down the stairs in a New York subway. The video had more than two million views which unofficially made the rat a celebrity, making his star-studded debut as ?Pizza Rat.?

Matt Little, the New York commuter who was responsible for making ?Pizza Rat? famous, told the New York Post in an exclusive interview of what happened. ?He came back up and bit into it. Then he took another bite,? he said. ?This is such an encapsulation of being a New Yorker ? trying to carry too much too far, while dealing with thousands of other people all at the same time doing the same thing.?

According to Little, the hungry rat crawled behind a storage unit on the platform of the First Avenue stop on the L Line, shared by New York Post. The 35-year-old aspiring comedian, together with some of his friends, apparently waited for ?Pizza Rat? to reappear but the rat never came back for the pizza. ?My friends have taken to saying, ?Je suis Pizza Rat.? I think that?s kind of poetic,? he shared.

After ?Pizza Rat? became the talk of social media, state comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli released an audit that ?questioned whether an effort by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to reduce trash and rats on the subway was working,? according to the New York Times.

DiNapoli then stated that a program which has just started to remove trash cans from some of the stations had revealed tiny proof of success. ?After four years, the best one can say about this experiment is that it?s inconclusive, except for the fact that riders have a harder time finding a trash can,? he said according to the New York Times.


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