Pixelberry?s ?Choices: Stories You Play? Embraces Diversity in its Chapters

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Choices: Stories You Play

Whether players downloaded it out of boredom or curiosity, most of them probably ended up browsing another chapter. Pixelberry?s?Choices: Stories You Play?may strike most people as one of those cheesy games that has lengthy conversation with no sense at all.?

But like the saying goes: Don?t judge a book by its cover. It?s probably one of the most sensible simulation games out there. And it?s all because it?s embracing diversity in every chapter.

About ?Choices: Stories You Play??

Simulation game fans will definitely love playing Pixelberry?s?Choices, specifically because of its unique gameplay and features. Let alone the variety of categories players can choose from such as:


  • The Freshman (Book One, Book Two, Snowed In)
  • Endless Summer (Book One)
  • Rules of Engagement (Book One)

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  • The Crown and The Flame (Book One & Two)


  • Most Wanted (Book One)

From Romance, to mystery, even fantasy, players can say that Pixelberry were able to actually think about the plot of each of its chapters. This amazing simulation game also features great graphics and high quality sounds that sets the mood for every scene.

Pixelberry's Choices

And since the game is called ?Choices,? players get to choose their ?fate? by selecting their decisions from the multiple choices given to them. So basically, players can choose their character?s outfit, or partners, or how they will handle specific situations.

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The only downside is some of the ?choices? costs diamonds, which you can either buy or obtain by finishing a chapter. Plus, the game doesn?t have moving characters like Episode Interactives??Episode.

Pixelberry?s Choices: Stories You Play and Diversity

Unlike other simulation games, Pixelberry?s ?Choices: Stories You Play? lets you choose your preferred skin tone and hair color. From black to white, from ginger to blonde, the game basically shows their support for the different races.

It even embraces the LGBT community by letting its main character choose from dating the same/opposite sex. Like it?s most-read chapter ?The Freshman?, which gives the main character the freedom to choose between two guys (Chris and James) and a girl (Kaitlyn,) without compromising the other option.

Though some players are pointing out that there isn?t any option for the African-American skin-tone,?Pixelberry?assures its players that they will be doing their best to diversify ?Choices: Stories You Play? in their next updates.

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